DDG Pellets & Cubes

Living in Eastern MT we wanted to find a supplement that was unique and a great product . Our town is saturated with Alfalfa based pellet and cube Mills. Traveling out of state and finding something that is not offered in MT was a great opportunity.  Range Cubes was able to consult for an Ethanol plant that needed some help to get their Mill producing consistent products. Thus became the ability to bring this great product back to Montana. This DDG pellet 30% protein and 6% fat pellet has been remarkable. To be able to offer customers this high quality of a product can really cheapen the cost/head/day . We currently offer a ¾” pellet, ¼” pellet or loose DDG products .

Organic & Non-Organic Fertilizer 

Excel Industries and its affiliate, Range Cubes Mill, are taking Organic Fertilizer orders. Excellent source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium . Ability to spread at various rates that are consistent and monitored . Product NPK 4-4-3.

Civil Survey and Design

LoBall Construction provides high quality earthmoving with advanced technology such as Topcon Machine Control.  We produce a  finished grade and quality that is  smoother and faster than many companies that do not have these advancements.  From holding reservoirs, canals, oil & gas drilling pads, and road construction; LoBall Construction is dedicated to high quality as well as keeping projects on schedule.

Agriculture Development

Incorporated with our Earthmoving Division and our Irrigation Design & Build Division, Excel Industries excels in production. Future agriculture development is the backbone to get more from the land with the resources we have available to us. With proper soil movement and water hydraulic design, irrigated cropland can have a substantial return on its investment.

Waste Management Consulting and Plant Design

LoBall Construction has multiple aggregate pits located throughout Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota.  We supply aggregate to many different industries, from Highway Construction, Oilfield Construction,  the local farmer, and  large & small development projects.

Composting and Waste Management

 XL Land & Livestock, Inc., farm many acres of irrigated cropland throughout Eastern Montana, that were developed or improved by our Construction & Development Division. The farms were designed with the farmer in mind.   Turn-key operations  with minimal overhead so the farm operations can focus on higher yield production and profitability.