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Range Cubes Mill has put together many Great Divisions that compliment themselves in one way or another. This includes finding property and developing it into a productive irrigated farm. Range Cubes Mill could possibly be your one stop to improve your crop production and/or a connection to a new Market such as Domestic or World Wide Export.
Farm Development to the End User


Range Cubes Mill strides to build a solid background in the development of agricultural land to provide

more acres throughout the Yellowstone River Valley. Thus being able to compete with the rest of the Country's 

advancements in higher production rates from constant improvement to soils and water conservation.

Crops Grown and Markets Served


Our farms are put together to have proper rotations for many different crops.  Potatos, Alfalfa, Corn, Peas, Barley, Beans, and Wheat  are types of crops that XL Land & Livestock (Affiliate of Range Cubes Mill) grows to be very diversified in todays Agricultural Markets.  

-  Potato crops are also a very exciting crop grown by XL Land & Livestock as we have been able to step into a Potato Seed Market  for Gen 1, Gen 2, & Gen 3 Seeds that have had ZERO Viruses Detected in a total of 9 years in the Kinsey Valley.  For the Potato Market this is very hard to do and gives us a very solid Market to the large Potato Growers that need to keep Yields and Quality up for there sales to the Consumer.

-  Corn Silage, Alfalfa Hay, and Grains are also feed to cattle feedyards operated by XL Land & Livestock. XL Land & Livestock's feedyards  grow high quality beef as a backgrounding stage for the Beef Market. These cattle have been raised from baby calves produced by XL Land & Livestock's mother cows to ensure where they were produced and the quality that the end user will enjoy.  

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